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Dental Care IT…

“We understand that Dentists have unique technological requirements in order for them to meet the needs of their clients. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you manage your business, deliver your services and protect your client data within compliance guidelines”.

We understand the IT needs of the dental industry and we know the hardware and specialized software that you use everyday.  Our knowledge and experience in the dental industry makes us the right choice for your computer network support needs.

IT Services we can provide for your Dental practice:

• Managed Services Plan

• Enhanced network security

• Customized IT configuration designed to be the foundation for your dental software

• Custom built servers and computers designed to fit your needs and your budget

• HIPAA compliance review

• Remote access configuration to facilitate working from home or other remote location

• Back up and disaster recovery to secure your data

Are you HIPAA compliant? …Are you sure? HIPAA Audits are on their way. Non-compliance can mean serious penalties. Call us today for a complimentary network assessment. Be certain where you stand with HIPAA and with the overall state of your computer network systems.